• Paula Dhot

Life under Covid19

Our Vidyadhan families have suffered huge difficulties. There is a large group of these families where the main wage earner works on daily wage basis, i.e. on building sites, road cleaning, security etc. With the lockdown they lost their jobs. Although there was some support from the Government with food donation, it was not enough to sustain the family needs. We managed to raise a large sum of money for the Covid Fund and we supported each family with Rs. 3,000 (approx £35) to subsidise the Government donation. This was done over a period of 4 months and the fund was kept alive by family and friends donating specifically for this purpose. We were able to see these families through a rough patch. Thankfully, most of the family heads have found new jobs and are supporting their families.

In all this chaos, children were sitting for exams. In some States the full exam programme was completed and in some cases it was not possible. There was so much uncertainty especially for those students who had taken Board exams, (GCSE equivalent). What was going to happen to their college places, would they even know what percentage marks they got etc etc. However, over the lockdown months lots of debate was going on at the Central Government level and finally decisions were made. Some students were promoted to the next class automatically, and in the cases of Board Exams results were announced. Fortunately, our students did very well and are ready to join their further studies colleges when the Government gives the go ahead, possibly in September.

One of our students is waiting to take her entrance exam into medical college, this will now happen in September after being cancelled a couple of times. So you can imagine the frustration for these young people. However, in the meantime the private schools have started online classes and of our children are attending these in their homes.

The students in Government Schools are yet to start lessons. But slow but steady these school too will be opened again and eventually children can get back to their school routine.

It has been an unprecedented situation but some sort of normality is returning. We have paid fees for private schools children at a discounted price. So no needless fees is being demanded. Government school fees will get paid as and when children return to their classes.

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